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iCarpool connects you with verified drivers going your way at the same time so you can start carpooling in a matter of minutes. Get to meet your neighbors and colleagues as you zip around in that carpool lane. Make new friends. There's no long term commitment - each carpool is for a single trip. Whether you ride or drive, iCarpool can help you save time and money. Of course - by carpooling you're reducing those pollutants in the air - so you'll be helping out the environment as well.

What's more - we're giving you $25 credits just so you can try us out. Go ahead, download the App!

How It Works

What Is iCarpool?

iCarpool is a new carpooling service that helps you connect with others going your way instantly using mobile apps. Verified drivers, who might be your colleagues and neighbors, offer rides when they're going from one place to another. Riders who are going the same way can carpool with the driver for a single trip.

Riders pay a flat fee of $0.26 per mile and get point-to-point transportation in a comfortable car. Drivers are able to get a small cost reimbursement through iCarpool and possibly save time using the HOV lanes. Everybody does good for the environment and has fun!

Keep in mind - at a flat fee of $0.26 per mile with no peak rates, iCarpool is several times cheaper than ride for hire services and works out as a viable option for your commute so you could use it daily.

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So, you need a ride!

You may not know them yet - but you have neighbors and colleagues who go the same way every day! iCarpool helps you find, connect and carpool with drivers going your way in a matter of minutes. Here's how it works.

1. Choose Your Destination

Use the App to let us know where you want to go.

2. Review Matching Carpools

The App shows you trips that will be happening in the next few minutes that match your travel requirement.

3. Book Your Ride

Review the matches and book your ride. You can choose based off cars or drivers.

4. Ready for Pickup

Make your way to the pickup stop. We'll mark it on the map for you.

5. Enjoy Your Carpool Ride

Once your car arrives, show the boarding pass to the driver and get in the car. You're on your way!

6. Rate Your Driver

When the ride is over, the App automatically deducts the fare from your account. Make sure you rate your driver.

Remember - iCarpool is a real-time matching service. Before you book your ride, make sure you have enough time to make it to the pickup stop before the driver arrives there.

Your safety is our priority!

At iCarpool, it is our commitment to make carpooling safe and flexible. Here's what we do to help improve safety.

Verified Drivers

We verify all our drivers have a valid driver license, valid insurance and a good driving record. All our drivers are verified employees of employers near you engaged in responsible jobs. Many drivers are probably your colleagues who work at the same company as you or work at neighboring companies.

Ratings and Community Building

You've got the power to influence the community. Passengers rate drivers after every ride. If you rate someone 1 star, you'll never be matched with them again. If a driver's average falls below 3 out of 5 stars, we review their profile and take action. The iCarpool community sets a high bar for all our drivers.

Friend Notifier

Here's futher proof we are pushing innovation to help safety associated with carpooling. Use the Friend Notifier to add mobile numbers of your friends and family who get notified of your carpooling activity. When you get into a carpool, we'll SMS details of the carpool right away. When you get dropped off, we'll SMS them to let them know you've reached.

Better Vehicles

Unlike ride for hire services, our drivers don't drive 80,000 miles a year or 8 hours a day. Typically, our drivers are proud owners of their vehicle which they use for their own personal transportation. All the vehicles are 2005 or newer and we require them to be in good condition, clean and with proper maintenance. This ensures you can ride in comfort and worry free.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Driving under the influence is the single reason behind the largest share of accidents. You should never get in to a car where the driver is under the influence. iCarpool maintains a zero tolerance policy for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


All our drivers are required to carry insurance that applies to passengers in their car. iCarpool is different than ride for hire services - drivers can recover costs, but the service caps money they receive so there is no profit motive. Insurance companies we have consulted agree that automobile insurance coverage held by drivers is in full effect for such carpooling.

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